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No matter how busy and crazy life can become, you can stay in control and enjoy peace of mind.

How would your life change if you had a quieter mind?

You have 30 – 40 thoughts per minute.

Yes, according to a recent academic study the average human has around 50,000 individual thoughts every day.

It’s mental, literally.

Add your emotions. Desires, shame, lust, happiness, guilt, fear, overwhelm, love, and the list goes on.

Then, add the external pressures. Work, family, finances, health, limited time, and the list goes on.

How much inner turmoil…

No wonder it becomes a challenge to get through the day, especially without inflicting pain on ourselves or someone else!

Do you hit the pillow completely exhausted,  your mind still racing with everything from the impeding apocalypse to who did not replace the empty toilet roll 3 months ago?

How would your life change if you had control of those thoughts, and respond wisely when your work, partner, family, and children without warning turn your calmness into hecticness!

Here is the Good News

I did find ways to find inner peace even in hectic moments, without sitting cross-legged in a cave for 7 hours a day.

Here is a HUGE realisation that will change your life

Even after 27 years of being severely paralysed, going bankrupt and losing everything I didn’t hit rock bottom until I had just turned 40.

Without warning, I was single, alone and my life was a mess. Like being hit with an invisible wrecking ball that took everything. Left with no feelings, no emotions, I felt dead inside. 

I turned to alcohol, it was the only way I could fall asleep only to wake 2 hours later.

Trying to keep everything together, a single dad to a daughter going through her exams. Dealing with been paralysed, and the authorities trying to take my care away. Everybody wanted a piece of me, meanwhile I was a complete train wreck inside.


No, not at all. I lost all hope, every shred of future happiness I felt I had left forever.

I started reading books, to my annoyance everything was telling me to meditate!

I cant meditate… and still cant!

Aaarrrgghh… It’s just typical, here is the solution and it was not available to me.

Here is what I found out...

  • Not everybody can meditate.
  • There is no off switch for an active mind.
  • You can have control over your mind.
  • You can have calmness and inner peace in the most crazy hectic times.
  • You can have control over your emotions.

You can take control of your thoughts, emotions, your LIFE, then you enjoy inner peace when you choose.

It will feel like you have been sat in a dark room, and someone comes in, opens the curtains, and shows you a new world that you never knew existed.

Today, I teach simple practices to clients all over the world that don’t have time, or cannot quieten their minds for more than a few seconds.

You don’t need to settle for your crazy overthinking mind. And forego the benefits of mindfulness and meditation because you are not wired in a certain way.

This is why I started this Academy.

Let's instantly clear your mind right now


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What is Inner Peace Academy?

Open Minded Group.  Imagine being in a group where you can say anything, think anything, as well as talk about your emotions without the fear of being judged.

Place to be yourself.  You spend most of your life trying to be everything other than who you really are just to please others. We only want you to be who you are. What a refreshing change!

Inner Peace tools.  Plenty of tools you need to create your own inner peace. As well as more added every month. Courses, videos, live interactions, affirmations, and guided meditations.

Safe space to grow.  You need that space to fully embrace who you are so you can transcend and grow beyond your current limitations, without fear of judgement, others holding you back for their convenience.

Weekly exclusive live shows.  Three times a week I connect with you as a student to keep you on track, to help you where you might be a little unsure.

You are changing the world, one peaceful guidance moment at a time!
Janice Kobelsky

How will you benefit?

Deeper sleep

Yes, sleep is a skill. Discover the five things you absolutely must do to prepare for a good deep night sleep.

Make better decisions

You will become the best possible version of yourself. Make faster and better decisions. Respond rather than react and regret it later. No more regretting decisions later.

Inner Peace anywhere

You will learn simple and effective techniques that you can use whenever you find yourself feeling a little anxious, overwhelmed or frustrated.

Direct access to me

Twice weekly live guided meditation, as well as Friday I answer your questions directly and help to guide your practice. Not my team, me!

Improve your relationships

How would you like to have a partner that fully understands you? Just by having a new perspective on things your personal and professional relationships will improve in a massive way.

30 Days

Money Back Guarantee

My guarantee is simple.

If for any reason whatsoever you would like to no longer be a member you can cancel anytime. If you would like your money back within the first 30 days, just send me an email and your wish is granted.

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Enrolment is currently closed

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